Light & Mail Box Posts

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Granite Post, Mailbox Newspaper Brace & Post Cap
Accent your landscaping with granite. natural, durable and maintenance free granite posts

Premier Stone Products Granite Mail Box Post with or without handy newspaper slot. Cut from superior quality U.S.A. granite.
Two standard sizes available
7 inches X 7 inches / 84 inches high
6 inches X 6 inches 
/ 84 inches high
Larger sizes available upon request!

Maintenance free!
We service the entire State of Connecticut, out of State please inquire.

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Premier Stone Products Installation

Premier Stone Products Installation
Show with our premium mailbox


All brackets are installed with
stainless steel bolts as show below
Our wood bracket shown below

When we install a mailbox post,
its installed properly.
That post will not move !

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Granite Cap
Wood Cap

We offer two elegant style caps
Wood or a Stone Granite Cap for your post


We strongly recommend our premium mailbox!
Rust-proof cast aluminum mailboxes equipped with superior components
available in 4 contemporary colors (White, Green, Copper and Black) 

In with the NEW post and box ~ Out with the OLD post and box

 We carry the full line of Westwood Mills mail box granite products
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Maintenance Free Granite

Posts available for decorative accents and boundaries.
Custom Cutting Available ~ On Site


Cut from solid superior USA quality granite.
7 inches square / 96 inches high

** Please note that Premier Stone Products is not responsible for any lamp post electrical connections.


Granite Lamp Post Cap  (Optional)



Cut from solid superior USA quality granite.
7 inches square / 96 inches high

12-phesant-run-post .


Quality Products Available At Premier Stone Products Killingworth Connecticut